Don't Skip Making A Claim To Avoid Your Deductible: Do These Things After An Auto Collision

If your automobile was hit by another automobile and you aren't sure if there is just body damage or mechanical damage, you need to find a collision repair shop. Don't avoid getting the vehicle checked out because you don't want to make a claim. You don't want to put off the repairs in case there is something wrong internally, and it's important to find the best professional to do the repair work.

Instead of taking the car to a body shop to see what is wrong, find a collision repair center. If you have the other driver's information, do the following things so you have options.

Call the Police to Document the Accident

Even if it's after the accident happened you need to document the accident as quickly as possible. There are a few different ways you can document the accident, depending on where you live and what the policy is with the authorities in your area. This way your insurance provider has no problem getting their insurance provider to pay for the expenses, or you don't have a problem if you have to take the other driver to court.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Let your insurance company know that you want to find out what the cost is going to be before you make a claim, so they don't close the case. Give your agent the police report number, the information from the other driver, and tell them you will get back in touch with them as soon as you get the estimate to have the damages repaired.

Find Collision Experts

The collision experts will tell you how much it will cost to have the car fixed, and check for body and mechanical problems. Once you have an estimate for all the work that needs to be done, and you find out if you need a rental car or not, it will be easier to determine if you should make a claim.

You don't want to skip making a claim because you don't want to pay the deductible and you don't want your rates to go up, to find out a short time later there are major damages to your vehicle and then you have to pay out of pocket. Find out what's going on with your car and the damages right away so you can make the best decision for your safety, and to make the best financial decision.

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