Custom Wood Chipper Truck — Design Tips To Utilize

Wood chipper trucks are pivotal resources for tree removal companies that need to break down trees quickly for clients. If you plan to customize this truck, here are some design tips to utilize for a successful investment. 

Make Sure the Cab is Comfortable

If you plan to spend a lot of time in the cab of your wood chipper truck, then make sure it's designed in a comfortable way. Then you'll be able to spend hours in this area without feeling fatigued or wanting to get out.

Start off by making sure the interior cab is spacious. You want to have plenty of room for your legs and arms in particular. Next, focus on equipping comfortable seating in the cab. The seats need to have extra cushioning, as well as provide ample space for your bottom. 

Figure Out How Big to Make the Dump Container

Probably one of the most important parts of a wood chipper truck is the dump container because it's what all of your wood chips will go into. As such, you need to make sure this dump container has the right size. 

You'll then have plenty of room for wood chips that are collected throughout the day, even if you plan to serve more than one client. Just take your time assessing wood chip quantities that you can see your business dealing with on average each day. You can then customize the container's dimensions accordingly.

Include Storage Compartments on the Sides

You may need to transport a lot of important tools for your tree removal business and in that case, it's a good idea to design a bunch of storage compartments on the sides of your wood chipper truck. Then you'll have dedicated storage areas for these tools.

The storage compartments can provide your tools with plenty of protection too because you can put locks on them all. Just try to think about a way to incorporate these storage compartments in a way that makes sense for your specific tree operations. Also, verify you get the right amount to hold all of your tools effectively for each tree removal job.

If you have a tree removal business, something you'll probably want to invest in is a wood chipper truck. If you plan to customize it to support unique needs, make sure major aspects are refined so that you can get the most out of this truck over the years.

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