Keep Your Auto Glass Safe All Summer Long

The windshield of a car is literally the window to the outside world. A chip, crack or other damage puts your safety and the safety of other motorists in jeopardy. As summer approaches the threat of damage to your auto glass increases. Make it a point to protect your glass from damage this season.

Park Away From Play Areas

Park away from play areas if there are a lot of children in your neighborhood. With the temperatures warming up and school being out, more children will head outside to have fun. The problem isn't so much the children, but the balls, bats, and other hard toys they play with. With the right force these items can easily crack glass. If you can't park away from those areas, at the very least park your car in the opposite direction that they're playing in.

Control The Temperature

Avoid extreme temperature fluctuations in your vehicle. Many drivers understand that cracking their car window during the summer can help prevent cracking, but it's also a good idea to avoid turning your A/C on full blast when you get inside the vehicle. This extreme change can shock the glass and cause it to crack. Instead, slowly cool the temperature to give the glass time to adjust.

Use Appropriate Cleaners

When it comes to glass cleaners, you shouldn't use just anything. Certain cleaners are unsafe for your vehicle's glass and can cause damage, such as those with harsh chemicals. These cleaning agents can cause etching, which can obstruct your view of the road if it's on the driver's side. Be mindful that you're always using a clean cloth on your glass as well. A dirty cloth with hard particles like sand can scratch and damage the glass.

Repair Damage Quickly

One of the best things you can do to protect your glass is to repair damage promptly. Even if you have a small crack, a bump in the road and the intense heat from the sun can both cause the crack to spread rapidly. The larger the crack, the more dangerous your driving experience and it could even cause the glass to be irreparable, requiring a full replacement. If you notice a crack or chip on your glass, have a service professional look at it as soon as possible.

Protecting your glass keeps your car looking better, keeps you safe, and keeps more money in your wallet.