Sand, Prime, Paint, And Buff The Front Of Your Car After An Accident That Involved Hitting Your Garage

If you accidentally drove your car into your garage when you were attempting to apply the brake and paint has chipped from the front end of your vehicle, complete the following steps to sand, prime, paint, and buff the affected area:


  • automotive detergent
  • bucket
  • water hose
  • sponge
  • power sander
  • sandpaper
  • tack cloth
  • towels
  • automotive primer pen
  • automotive touch-up paint
  • buffing compound
  • lint-free cloths

Clean And Sand The Affected Area

Pour a small amount of automotive detergent into a bucket. Use a water hose to add water to the bucket. Use one of your hands to swish the contents in the bucket until suds form. Dip a sponge into the soapy water before moving the sponge firmly across the front of your vehicle. As you complete this step, loose flecks of paint and dirt will be eliminated from your car's body. Use plain water to rinse the front of the car and wait for the car's exterior to dry or move a towel across the front section to dry the surface.

Secure a piece of coarse grit sandpaper to a power sander. Move the sander slowly back and forth over the damaged portion of the car. If paint chips are located in small crevices, move a tack cloth back and forth over the chipped areas. Once the front of the car has a smooth surface, use a water hose to eliminate sanding dust from the car's body. Move a clean towel across the front of the car. 

Apply Primer, Paint, And Buffing Compound

Rapidly shake an automotive primer pen to blend the primer that is in the pen's tube. Press the tip of the primer pen firmly against a portion of the vehicle that has been sanded. As the primer is emitted from the tip of the pen, move the pen in straight lines over surfaces that need to be primed. Wait for the primer to dry thoroughly. Shake the contents in a bottle of automotive touch-up paint and use the applicator that came with the paint to apply the paint over the primer. Apply the paint in straight lines.

After the paint dries, add a subsequent coat of touch up paint if the first coat did not provide enough coverage. After you are satisfied with the paint job, pour a small amount of liquid buffing compound onto a lint-free cloth. Move the cloth back and forth over the freshly-painted areas. The compound will assist with blending the fresh paint with the original paint on your vehicle's body. Move a clean cloth over the front of the car to eliminate excess buffing compound. 

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