It's Time: Why You Need To Have Your Windshield Replaced

When you're driving, you need a clear view of the road ahead of you. If your windshield has visible damage, you're not going to get the view that you need. In fact, the damage could end up being a distraction, which could result in traffic accidents. If your windshield has seen better days, it's time to replace it. If you're not sure if your windshield needs replacement, here are four issues you should look for. If you're experiencing any of the issues described here, it's time for a new windshield from an auto glass repair company.

1. It's Pitted

When you look at your windshield, you should see a smooth sheet of glass. If you're looking at a surface filled with small pits – or not-so-small pits – it's time to replace your windshield. Windshields can get pitted for a wide variety of reasons, including sand abrasion; this is particularly common in areas that experience a lot of wind storms. Unfortunately, those pits can undermine your ability to see clearly. Not only that, but if the pitting is bad enough, it can undermine the strength of your windshield. If you've got pitting, it's time for a new windshield.

2. It's Cracked

If you've got small cracks in your windshield, you might be able to have them repaired, which will secure your windshield and prevent the need for replacement. However, if the cracks in your windshield are large, it's time for a replacement. Those large cracks could cause your windshield to shatter, especially while you're driving and there's pressure against the glass. Don't wait for the glass to shatter. Have your windshield replaced now.

3. It's Gotten Cloudy

If your windshield doesn't come clean no matter how hard you scrub, and what cleaning solution you use, it's time to throw in the towel. Over time, glass can begin to degrade. When it does, you'll notice it getting cloudier with each passing year. Don't wait until you can no longer see out of your windshield. If things have gotten cloudy, it's time for a new windshield.

4. It's Showing Signs of Age

If you have an older model car, and your windshield is starting to show signs of age, talk to your auto glass company about replacing the windshield. As windshields age, they can start getting weak. They can even stop fitting properly. If you're starting to see a gap around the edges of your windshield, it's no longer providing you the protection you need. Make an appointment to have your windshield replaced.