Should You Repaint Your Car? Look For These Imperfections

If you take pride in your vehicle, you may be wondering if it is time to have it repainted by a local auto body shop. Here are some imperfections to look out for that will tell you it's time to have this job done.

Paint Scratches

A paint scratch can be as small as surface abrasion or as bad as a deep gouge. Scratches can happen when debris comes in contact with the side of your car when traveling at high speeds, which is something completely unavoidable. They can also happen accidentally if something sharp rubs against the side of the car. Either way, scratches can either be difficult or easy to fix depending on how deep they are.

Small scratches that just went through the car's clear coat can be fixed using touch-up tools that you purchase from a local auto shop. However, deep scratches that have reached the layer of paint will require more work from a professional. These scratches involve sanding the area to make it even once again, which may be too difficult for you to do on your own.

Paint Swirls

Do you have swirls in your paint job? If so, this is due to washing and drying your car with the incorrect materials. You should be using pure cotton cloths that have fluffy and absorbent fibers. If you're using materials that are too rough on the paint job, it can actually cause swirling. You may be able to repair this damage using a buffer, but it is not guaranteed.


Did you once have a company logo or anything places on the side of your car? These decals can leave a noticeable ghosting effect on the paint job that is hard to remove. You may prefer that others don't know that your vehicle was once a company car, or you simply don't like the look left over from having the decals on it. This is one problem that can best be fixed by painting the car again to cover up the imperfection.


A car that is left in the sun all day long is more prone to having the paint color fade over time. You may notice that certain parts of the car are faded more than others due to receiving direct sunlight. While this problem can be fixed by applying a new clear coat every couple of years, neglect will eventually cause the layer of paint underneath to fade.

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