4 Things You Should About Fixing Your Vehicle After A Minor Fender Bender

If you have been in a minor fender bender, you need to make sure you take proper care of your vehicle. Even what can look like a minor fender bender can do some serious damage to your vehicle, which is why you need to make sure you get your vehicle well looked over and taken care of.

Choose an Auto Body Shop

First, you need to do choose the body shop you want to work with. You have the ability to choose your own body shop; any body shop your insurance tells you about is just a suggestion you can accept or reject. Take your time and look into the different auto body shops in your area. Choose an auto body shop that has a really good reputation or that you get personal referrals from friends and family members. Make sure that you choose an auto body shop that you are comfortable working with, and that feels like the right shop to you.

Use Original Parts When Possible

When it comes to fixing up your vehicle after a fender bender, there is a good chance that some parts on the vehicle will need to be replaced. When it comes to replacing parts, if you have a choice, you are going to want to stick to new original parts instead of aftermarket parts. Using new original parts will provide your vehicle with the best possible parts for your vehicle.

Check the Paint Match

When it comes to putting new body parts on your vehicle, you are going to need to have the body parts repainted to match the color of your vehicle. It can be difficult to get the paint to match exactly, even if you use the same paint color, as the paint on your vehicle can fade and change color over time. You need to make sure that the paint color matches as closely as possible when you pick up your vehicle. Matching the paint color can be a very careful match.

Verify the Check Engine Light

Finally, you need to make sure that the mechanic runs a diagnostic check on the engine. If the check engine light, or any other warning lights, are illuminated, that needs to be investigated. The check engine may be on because the airbags need to be fixed, or because a mechanical part of the vehicle is damaged.

After a minor fender bender, remember you can choose the body shop that fixes your vehicle. When given the choice, use original parts instead of aftermarket parts. Make sure the paint color matches the new auto body shop and make sure the check engine light isn't on or engaged. You want the vehicle to be in the best possible shape before you put it back on the road. Contact an auto repair service such as a Maserati certified body shop to learn more.