Small Accidents Can Cause These 5 Hidden Damages on Your Car

Even a minor accident, such as a small fender bender or curb strike, can lead to damages that can affect the handling and safety of your car. The following is just an example of issues that feel minor but can have major consequences if you don't have the car repaired right away.

1. Sensor Damages

A modern car is equipped with a large array of safety sensors, and many of them are placed on the outside of the vehicle where even a minor bump can cause damage. Examples include airbag sensors in the bumper or corrective steering systems that help you avoid accidents. Damages to one of these sensors may not always trigger a warning light, but your mechanic can find the issues quickly by running computer diagnostics on your car.

2. Camera Alignment

Another issue with modern cars is that many are now equipped with various external cameras designed to aid with parking and backing up. Although these cameras do increase safety and convenience, they can be knocked out of alignment in an accident. Even a small misalignment can increase the likelihood that you will hit something when using the camera to navigate, so it's best to have the cameras checked and adjusted as needed.

3. Compromised Seat Belts

The webbing and locking mechanism of a seat belt are designed to take a lot of stress in the event of an accident, but the process can stretch and weaken webbing and locking systems. This means that the seat belt may not provide as much protection if you are in another accident. It's best to have all safety belt systems inspected and replaced if there are signs of stress following your accident. 

4.  Suspension Troubles

Suspension damages from an accident often mimic tire alignment issues, which can lead some to postpone repairs since it seems like a simple fix. Unfortunately, suspension damages can lead to a major breakdown or even an accident, as the vehicle can become hard to control. If your car is shaking or pulling after an accident, it needs to be looked at. 

5. Light Issues

Headlights, tail lights, blinkers, warning lights—these are all necessary components if you are to drive safely during day or night. Even if the light housing looks undamaged following your accident, it's not uncommon for electrical connections under the hood or inside the trunk to get knocked loose. Your mechanic can inspect your lighting systems and repair any loose wiring following your accident. 

Contact an auto accident repair service for an inspection following an accident, no matter how minor.