Auto Body Shop: Can You Tow Your Car There?

If another driver damaged your car and it no longer runs, you want to repair your vehicle as quickly as you can. But if you can't drive your car to an auto body shop for repairs, you can tow your damaged car to an auto body shop. Learn how you can tow your accident-damaged car to an auto body shop below.

Prepare Your Vehicle for Towing

The first thing you should do is prepare your car for towing. If your car still contains important papers, such as tax returns or personal information, remove it right away. You don't want to lose your paperwork during the trip. However, leave the car's registration and insurance papers in your glove box. An auto body shop may want to use the paperwork to document the repairs for your car. 

Also, check the back of your car for anything that may fall off during transit, such as a loose bumper or towing hitch. Although an auto body repair shop will replace anything damaged or missing on your car, they can use the original parts as guides to find new parts for your vehicle. It may save the repair shop time on finding and ordering the replacement parts for your car's make and model.

Schedule a Pickup for Your Vehicle

You can find a towing company that offers auto body repairs online or by phone. After you find the towing company you need, schedule a pickup appointment. A company may offer to pick up your car immediately, depending on their policies and services. 

After a driver picks up your car, they'll take it to their shop. If you need to complete a repair claim for your insurance company, a driver may ask you to accompany them to the shop. Most auto body shops provide their customers with rental cars or transportation. If a shop doesn't provide transportation, call your car insurance provider and request a rental car.

Your car may remain in the shop for several days. The time may depend on several factors, including the extent of body damage in your vehicle. If your vehicle requires extensive body work, a shop will inform you immediately. 

If a shop doesn't provide engine or transmission repairs to get your car running, you can have the vehicle towed to a shop that does offer mechanical repairs. A towing company will take your car to a traditional auto repair shop for you.

If you need to repair and tow your car soon, contact a towing service today.