Auto Body Repairs You Might Be Able to Tackle with a Do It Yourself Kit or the Right Tools

Serious auto body repair is best left to a professional at a local auto body or car repair shop. But if you are only dealing with a minor fender bender or an issue with your car's paint or windshield, you might be able to tackle the issue without resorting to professional help. Here are some of the types of auto-body issues that you might be able to tackle on your own if you want to give it a shot.

Use a Touch Up Pen on a Paint Scratch or Try to Sand and Spray It

Your car got dinged by someone else's car door or someone let a shopping cart bump into your vehicle and now you have a scratch or chip in your car's paint. If this issue is very slight, you might be able to get a color-matched touch-up pen from your local dealer and basically use it like a magic marker to cover up the issue. A deeper chip or scratch might require a bit more work. An auto parts store might sell special sandpaper that will let you sand down the area with the issue and then you can use an auto paint sprayer or other tools to put down a coat of primer and then a color-matched coat on top of it.

Headlights Can Often Be Popped Out and Put Back In Without Issue

Are your headlights damaged after a fender bender or are they no longer providing you with the visibility you want out on the road? Every car might be slightly different when it comes to how a headlight can be popped out of the car, but your owner's manual will likely have a guide you can follow. It's not as simple as changing a light bulb, but if you are generally good at figuring out the right thing to turn or pull under the hood of the car, you can likely figure this out and put in a brand new headlight without too much trouble.

An Auto Glass Self Repair Kit Might Be Able to Fix That Small Crack for You

A windshield crack should always be dealt with ASAP before it has a chance to expand. Your local auto shop might sell DIY glass repair kits for this purpose. But if it doesn't look perfect, don't hesitate to get professional help.

Contact your local auto body repair shop today if you have a more complicated issue or if you don't feel comfortable tackling even these smaller issues on your own.