How Does Paintless Dent Repair Work?

Do you have a dent in the body of your car, but you are afraid of getting it fixed because you don't want to paint your vehicle? If so, know that there is an option for paintless dent repair. Here is an overview of two options to get your car looking great again.

DIY Dent Repair

One option is to try using a DIY dent repair kit. It comes with all the tools and materials that you need in order to pull the dent out of the vehicle so that it looks smooth once again. You can find these kits at local auto part stores, and they are fairly easy to use.

The process starts by cleaning the surface of the car, which helps the glue stick to the surface. It even helps to use a grease and wax remover on the surface. The dent will then need to be located, which can be used by putting a lined surface near the car so that you see the reflection in the paint. The waved lines in the reflection will indicate the deepest part of the dent.

You'll apply some glue to a plastic tab that is approximately the size of the dent, then place it in the center of the dent. You let the glue dry, then use a pulling tool that grips the plastic tab and allows you to put pressure on the dent. Tighten the tool, and eventually the device will pull the tab off the body of the car. Remove the residue on the car from the glue, and you'll be all set. 

Professional Dent Repair

The methods that professionals use will be a bit different than using DIY kits. They use various rods and hammers to push the dent out of the car from behind, rather than pull it out from the exterior. This prevents any potential paint loss from using an adhesive on the exterior of the car, and can do a better job as a result. 

The process of getting behind a panel of a car can be quite difficult though. There are special tools that are used to pry a panel off the side of a car so that the proper tools can get behind it. If this is not possible, then a panel of the car may need to be removed completely to get access to the rear side. In the end, the repair should look better and not have a need to repaint the vehicle. 

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