Maintaining A Good-Looking Car

If your car currently has a nice look to it, you want to do what you can to keep it looking that way. Making sure you wash and wax your car regularly is just a very small part of what it takes to keep your car looking good. This article will offer you more tips on the things you should be doing to keep your car looking great for a long time to come:

Sand, Prime, Paint, And Buff The Front Of Your Car After An Accident That Involved Hitting Your Garage

If you accidentally drove your car into your garage when you were attempting to apply the brake and paint has chipped from the front end of your vehicle, complete the following steps to sand, prime, paint, and buff the affected area: Materials automotive detergent bucket water hose sponge power sander sandpaper tack cloth towels automotive primer pen automotive touch-up paint buffing compound lint-free cloths Clean And Sand The Affected Area

Keep Your Auto Glass Safe All Summer Long

The windshield of a car is literally the window to the outside world. A chip, crack or other damage puts your safety and the safety of other motorists in jeopardy. As summer approaches the threat of damage to your auto glass increases. Make it a point to protect your glass from damage this season. Park Away From Play Areas Park away from play areas if there are a lot of children in your neighborhood.

Buzz Around Town In Trendy Style: Three Classic Auto Imports From An Era Before Tuning

Before kids started tuning imports, there were some lesser known compacts that were where it all started. These include classic Toyota's, Volkswagens, Mazda's and other foreign automakers that did not produce muscle cars. The import markets produced compact cars that had interesting designs and modest performance, but power could be added with a few simple modifications. Here are some of the classic imports that began to take over before tuning became popular:

Mistakes To Avoid When Designing A Wrap For Your Business Vehicle

If you have a business that also involves travel, it can be necessary to have a vehicle that is designed to coincide. Thankfully, changing up the look of your vehicle does not have to be a difficult thing thanks to vehicle wraps. Vehicle wraps are plastic applications that fit tightly to your vehicle almost like a skin and can be pulled off when they are no longer needed. While vehicle wraps make a logical business choice for your ride, there are a few costly mistakes you definitely do not want to make if this is a route you choose.